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Insurance Plan Comparison Guide


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What's in the guide?

Insurance Plan Comparison Guide



The Details

Highlights on the patient responsibility requirements and network coverage for each major plan type.

The Extras

When you download the guide you will also receive a copy of our Common Insurance Terms Quick Reference Guide and a handy printable version of our Insurance 101 blog article for more coverage and patient responsibility tips.

"I'm continually impressed by the principles of RMP - from the leadership down to the collectors. They use these principles as a foundation for the way they conduct themselves and their business, which leads to successful results for their clients."


With so many plans to choose from, keeping track of plan types and their patient financial responsibilities can be difficult. Download our simple comparison chart to keep on hand for answering your patients' questions and take more step toward financial transparency.

Ultimate Checklist for Avoiding Claim Denials

Follow this comprehensive checklist when submitting insurance claims to improve claim denial rates.

Guidelines for Managing Write-Offs

Pinpoint unneccesary write-offs, and follow these guidelines for managing them, and strategies to avoid them altogether.

Steps for Collecting Throughout the Revenue Cycle

Follow this patient collections timeline to improve revenue and the patient experience.

Elements of a Collections Culture

Identify the key elements of a culture that promotes patient collections and get tips to implement them in your practice.

The Plans

An overview of the various major and non-major medical commercial plans, as well as government coverages.

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