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Open channels of communication with your agency are key to compliance.

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Reporting to Your Medical Collection Agency



Review of the Regulations on Medical Debt Collection

Find out what laws and regulations you should be aware of when reporting information to your medical collection agency.

Best Practices for Reporting Information to your Agency

Get tips on what is key to report and when to maintain compliance with industry regulations.

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When partnering with a medical collection agency there are a few reporting best practices to follow to ensure that both your practice, and your agency, can maintain compliance with the various regulations across the healthcare and debt collection industries.

Ultimate Checklist for Avoiding Claim Denials

Follow this comprehensive checklist when submitting insurance claims to improve claim denial rates.

Guidelines for Managing Write-Offs

Pinpoint unneccesary write-offs, and follow these guidelines for managing them, and strategies to avoid them altogether.

Steps for Collecting Throughout the Revenue Cycle

Follow this patient collections timeline to improve revenue and the patient experience.

Elements of a Collections Culture

Identify the key elements of a culture that promotes patient collections and get tips to implement them in your practice.

A Best Practices Guide

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