As of May 8, 2017, DSG Collect (DSG) was rebranded as Receivables Management Partners (RMP).

Originally established in 1978, DSG Collect is a full service agency offering both contingency collections and flat-fee business service options.  DSG has been part of the Receivables Management Partners family since 2014, but now we are unified under a single brand that positions Receivables Management Partners as an industry leader.

Receivables Management Partners represents the very best of DSG, combined with the added strength and capabilities of more than 525 people dedicated to doing the right thing 100% of the time.

What will change?

In reality, very little. The local team you count on day-to-day will continue to be local. Your patients will continue to work with the compassionate and respectful professionals in our call center. Receivables Management Partners values your business and will continue to provide the same great service and results you’ve come to expect.

Same Values. More Value.

Our commitment to providing great service and delivering more revenue hasn’t changed. What will change is our ability to provide even more services, technology and expertise than ever before. We can now provide cutting-edge voice analytics, workers compensation specialists and other experts to increase your revenue.

Over $1 billion client cash recovered over five years.