For individuals, character is destiny. For organizations, culture is destiny.

Tony Hsieh, Delivering Happiness

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Receivables Management Partners is privately held with headquarters in Indianapolis, IN. With 6 locations, RMP has over 520 dedicated employees serving roughly 200 hospitals and over 30,000 physicians across the country. With over 350 years of cumulative operating experience, RMP continues to invest in the future with a goal of significant growth through successful client partnerships.




Dedicated Employees





Our mission is to provide the highest quality accounts receivables management services through an industry best standard of professionalism while preserving the dignity and integrity of all members of our community.

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The RMP Vision

Our vision is our mission. At RMP, we recognize that you have many choices for your collection needs, so how do you find an agency that best meets these needs? We believe that it is as simple as finding an agency that provides outstanding results through use of state-of-the art technology and a well trained staff – and one that recognizes your most important asset is your patients, treating them with the dignity and respect they deserve, enabling you to focus on patients, instead of payments.

Doing the Right Thing

Doing the Right Thing, 100% of the Time. It’s not just our promise, it’s our vision statement.

Exceptional Service

We provide exceptional service from our Client Services and Sales teams.

Proven Strategy

A strong knowledge of the population and the employers of the communities we serve provides a depth of understanding that is unsurpassed. Combine this knowledge with our exhaustive collection techniques and our investment in technology and people, and RMP’s family of companies is able to consistently outperform other agencies.

Your consumers, our reputation.

Your consumers are treated with dignity and respect, that’s our bottom line. We will recover what you are owed with persistence and proven collection techniques, but you will never worry that your reputation is at stake.

  • "We have enjoyed and value our partnership with RMP in meeting our critical business needs given the ever-changing matrix in the healthcare industry. With RMP's patient-centered approach, superior customer service and strong performance, it conclusively aligns well to both our mission and vision commitments for our organization."

    Coy Ingram, Division Vice President, Revenue Cycle Operations
    Adventist Health System – Florida Hospital West Florida Region
  • "She [account representative] has completely changed my perception of collection agencies – she’s a pleasure to work with."

    Patient of Large Health System
  • "I’m continually impressed by the principles of RMP – from the leadership down to the collectors.  They use these principles as a foundation for the way they conduct themselves and their business, which leads to successful results for their clients."

    Stephen Russell, Director of Patient Accounts
    Deaconess Health System
  • "It’s been a very positive experience for us.  She [account representative] has taken the time to help us set up a payment plan that works for us and benefits your client.  Thank you – I know that things like this come from the top of the organization."

    Patient of Large Health System

Over $1 billion client cash recovered over five years.

RMP is now a Meduit company powering the future of revenue cycle management.