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Extended Business Office

RMP has several options to be your Extended Business Office (EBO), thus reducing your need for resources and allowing more opportunities to increase cash flow more quickly. The need continues to grow for providers to have partners that can help to accelerate cash and lower bad debt. At RMP, the Business Office Payment Center (BOPC) provides those resources with proven strategies that dramatically increase recoveries in the first 90 days.

First Party Early Out

Provide outsourced business office solutions under the name of the provider, collecting self-pay balances starting at generation of the bill.

Third Party Pre-Collect

Provide collection of early accounts receivable under the name of the Business Office Payment Center.

Payment Monitoring

Monitor long term payment arrangements between the provider and patient to ensure payment arrangements are kept.

Unmatched success through unwavering values.

Third Party Collections

For aged and harder to collect accounts, we offer extensive programs with flexible options that allow increased management control. With a mix of proven tools, RMP uses scoring, credit reporting, and effective litigation to complement call and contact strategies for effective results.


Collect on primary accounts including self-pay, commercial insurance, and government payers.


RMP will help on secondary placements, including cleanup projects.


Receivables Managed


Accounts Managed

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Keeping your best interest in mind.

Workers Compensation

Receivables Management Partners understands that workers’ compensation time lines and processes are complicated, making it necessary to follow each step in the collection process carefully and accurately to ensure payment. RMP has the knowledge and the processes to successfully collect on these claims, working with the patient’s employer, workers compensation carrier or health insurance to ensure that these claims are collected accurately and timely.

Your mission is our mission.

Additional Solutions

RMP applies our proven knowledge and collection techniques to collect not only medical debt, but on accounts related to your facility and community.

Employee Overpayments

We work with clients to collect employee overpayments including payroll, expense advances, relocation fees, tuition reimbursement, penion, retention bonuses and more paid to employees who have left the company prior to completing their employment obligation.  RMP recovers your overpayments while maintaining discretion, sensitivity, and professionalism when dealing with your former employee.

Elementary and Secondary Educational Fees

From book rental to activity fees and so much more, RMP can manage the task of collecting various student fees for your educational facilities.

Personal Injury

Work with attorneys to gain payment on bad debt accounts arising from a personal injury claim.

Special Projects

RMP can work specialized types of A/R on an on-going basis or for one-time cleanup projects.

  • "We have enjoyed and value our partnership with RMP in meeting our critical business needs given the ever-changing matrix in the healthcare industry. With RMP's patient-centered approach, superior customer service and strong performance, it conclusively aligns well to both our mission and vision commitments for our organization."

    Coy Ingram, Division Vice President, Revenue Cycle Operations
    Adventist Health System – Florida Hospital West Florida Region
  • "She [account representative] has completely changed my perception of collection agencies – she’s a pleasure to work with."

    Patient of Large Health System
  • "I’m continually impressed by the principles of RMP – from the leadership down to the collectors.  They use these principles as a foundation for the way they conduct themselves and their business, which leads to successful results for their clients."

    Stephen Russell, Director of Patient Accounts
    Deaconess Health System
  • "It’s been a very positive experience for us.  She [account representative] has taken the time to help us set up a payment plan that works for us and benefits your client.  Thank you – I know that things like this come from the top of the organization."

    Patient of Large Health System

Over $1 billion client cash recovered over five years.

RMP is now a Meduit company powering the future of revenue cycle management.