As of November 1, 2016, Financial Control Services (FCS) was rebranded as Receivables Management Partners (RMP).

Financial Control Services, a collection agency based in Texas since 1992, knows that it is detrimental for a business to have accounts remain unpaid in any economy. Today more than ever, businesses are looking to resolve overdue accounts as soon as possible. When accounts go unpaid regardless of the approach, many businesses have had new life breathed into their bottom line when they turned to the help of a knowledgeable and reputable collection agency. Our consistent and professional services enable companies and their staff to focus on the elements critical to the everyday operations of their business. We represent them with the highest of ethics and values. FCS employees are trained to provide assistance to debtors to resolve the account balance.

Now that FCS has been officially rebranded it will continue to provide the same great services and honor the same commitment to the community that it always has, while enabling the entire organization to serve new clients and their patients nationwide.

FCS is Founded
RMP Acquires FCS
FCS Rebrands to RMP

Over $1 billion client cash recovered over five years.