Published January 9, 2018

Welcome to the Meduit Innovation Lab | RMP Insights

New year, new name! We are proud to welcome you to the future of healthcare revenue cycle management – welcome to Meduit! Please allow us to reintroduce ourselves.

What is Meduit?

Our team is now comprised of today’s top RCM companies – MedA/Rx and Receivables Management Partners (RMP) – which work together to leverage their unique strengths across the entire revenue cycle. With Meduit at the center we have collaborated to bring our expertise together across functions, including technology integration, deeper data analytics, and cross-product offerings.

Why bring these two national RCM companies together now? Current challenges and changes in the healthcare revenue cycle space have created a need for dynamic solutions – the kind that can only come from experience. Patient volumes are increasing and shifting from inpatient to outpatient services, and patient expenses have increased 10-fold with healthcare reform. These changes are resulting in razor thin margins for providers and are taxing already tight resources for effectively working AR. That is where Meduit comes in.

By delivering expert, efficient, and innovative RCM solutions, Meduit significantly improves financial and operational performance. We turn AR into cash faster, and operate as a trusted partner and true extension of our clients’ business offices. We accomplish this through our robust methodology and model, backed by leading-edge technology, and fueled by a compassionate team with a drive to do the most good for more people.

The Innovation Lab

Now that you know a little more about who we have become, let’s talk a bit about the brand new Meduit Innovation Lab. We are driven to contribute to the effectiveness, stability and accessibility of healthcare services for patients by ensuring outstanding AR management that leads to maximum financial performance for healthcare providers. So we want to share what we know about how to improve your revenue cycle, and we are going to do that by delivering training resources and industry updates right to your inbox.

For our former RMP Insights subscribers and readers, not much is going to change. Although you can expect even better information thanks to our expanded team of RCM experts. We will be sharing tips from our team of subject-matter experts and consistently fresh training and educational materials (we’re talking reference guides, slide decks, eBooks, webinars, training videos and more!). In fact, we already have a full library of resources ready for you to explore here. Additionally, every other week we will be blogging about all the aspects of your business and industry that could be affecting your receivables, from ever-changing compliance regulations to emerging technology trends, with tips on how to improve every step along the way while maintaining the critical relationships you have developed with your patients. (By the way, there are already several articles published for you to explore here.) Oh, and did we mention it’s all free?

If we have you convinced, be sure to join the Meduit Innovation Lab and start improving your revenue cycle today, one email at a time.

Enough About Us

We want to learn more about you! What challenges are you facing? Which aspects of your revenue cycle could use a boost? What training resources could benefit your back-office staff? Each post will include a comments form, and every email can be responded to (yes, they come from a real person!) so please do not hesitate to submit your questions or feedback.

We are thrilled to bring you along with us on this journey into the future of revenue cycle management. Welcome to Meduit!

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Written by Ali Bechtel, Marketing Manager, Meduit

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