GREENSBURG, IN – Collection Associates (CAI) , a Greensburg-based accounts receivable collection service that offers creditors a number of proven solutions to help achieve their recovery goals , will be rebranding as of June 1, 2016.

CAI has been serving clients throughout the United States since 1985, and has become a top employer in the Greensburg area. In 2007, the organization recapitalized under the leadership team led by CEO Mark Schabel and formed Receivables Management Partners (RMP). With the Greensburg location as the company’s headquarters, over the last nine years RMP has grown into eight more locations in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Texas with over 520 dedicated employees sharing best practices, industry insight, and innovative services, enabling the organization to serve new clients and their patients nationwide.

Effective June 1, 2016, CAI will be officially rebranded as RMP. It will continue to provide the same great services and to honor the same commitment to the community that it always has.

“Unifying our brand under the RMP name will allow the Greensburg office to grow as we are able to service clients on a national basis more effectively. We believe this change will continue to allow us to provide more high quality career opportunities for the people of Decatur County and the surrounding communities. We have grown our employee base in the Greensburg office from 41 employees in 2007 to 100 in 2016 and plan to continue that path of growth.”

Mark Schabel, CEO of RMP

“We are excited for the rebranding and know the local feel of our Greensburg office will continue to be a vital piece of our growing culture for all of RMP,” said Jessica Gillam, Client Services Manager at CAI.

The mission at RMP is to provide the highest quality accounts receivables management services through an industry best standard of professionalism while preserving the dignity and integrity of all members of our community. RMP represents the very best of CAI, and through unifying under one name, RMP can more effectively position itself as an industry leader. CAI has been operating as part of RMP for years, so the majority of CAI’s operations will remain the same. The changes created through the rebrand will consist of the following:

Branding.  As CAI officially becomes RMP, it will take on RMP’s new look as part of the campaign to unify the RMP family of companies, to increase awareness, and to broaden its reach.

Logo.  As shown above, the first component of the new brand identity is the transition to the RMP company name and logo.

Website.  The newly redesigned website incorporates the look of the new RMP brand identity and serves as an informational resource that incorporates company information as well as stories that highlight how RMP and its employees are working every day to make the world a better place.

Marketing.  RMP is taking a new marketing approach inclusive of an increased digital presence, speaking engagements, and industry outreach.

Despite these changes, the CAI office will remain in its current location, and there are no plans to make any staffing or service changes as a result of the rebrand. This new RMP location will continue its involvement in the Greensburg community and its commitment to providing the highest quality services to its clients across the country. “The strength of RMP will continue to be what it has always been when we were known as CAI. The quality of our leadership team and all of our team members at our Greensburg office is what sets us apart and allows us to continue to serve our clients and the community with excellence. I could not be more proud of our team and the kind of people we have in Greensburg,” said Schabel.

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About RMP

Receivables Management Partners (RMP) is a financial services firm that enables leading healthcare providers to focus on patients instead of payments.  Known for its innovative culture and compassionate approach to collections, RMP has grown to over 520 people in nine offices across the U.S.  The company proudly serves over 200 hospitals and roughly 30,000 physicians nationwide.


Karla Wittgren, Marketing Operations Manager

Ali Bechtel, Digital Marketing Manager