Published December 28, 2017

2017s Top 5_The Readers Have Spoken | RMP Insights

It wouldn’t quite feel like the holidays without at least one “year in review” post to wrap up all that we have done in 2017. We dove into the archives to unearth all your favorite RMP Insights moments from this year and have created this countdown of the top 5 (plus) moments based on your engagement and feedback.

Top Webinar | Patient Collections 101: Concepts for Connecting Better & Collecting Better


What if you could get into the minds of your patients to understand what motivates them to pay (or not)? Now you can! In less than a hour you can get insights into what motivates patients to pay, the steps to follow for a successful collection call every time, and learn how to communicate more effectively for more comfortable patient conversations.

Download the Patient Collections 101 Webinar on Demand here


Top Resource | Collecting from Patients: An RMP Insights eBook


Patient responsibility now accounts for nearly one quarter of all revenue in the healthcare industry. Start collecting more of it! This eBook includes tips and best practices at each stage of the revenue cycle – from patient access to bad debt – for boosting receivables without sacrificing the patient experience.

Get your free copy of the Collecting from Patients eBook here


Top Blog Post | When Can I Send a Patient to Collections?


With so many regulations across the health care and debt collection industries in can be difficult to keep track of what your rights and requirements are as a creditor. Our FAQ article series has answered many of your most frequently asked questions, but none have been as frequent as “When can I send a patient to collections?”

Read “When Can I Send a Patient to Collections?” on the RMP Insights Blog here


Top Social Media Post | 2017 Sales Summit


Leave it to Sales & Marketing to break the internet. The new Meduit team came together for the first time for a few days in sunny Charlotte, NC for training, team building, and shenanigans.

Top Video | Stay Positive

At RMP we want to do our part to change the world, and we couldn’t do it without the help of our incredible team members. There are so many people in our organization who work every day to make the world a better place. One shining example is Eric Day, Business Development for RMP, and his Stay Positive foundation. Eric learned to stay positive through his battle with brain cancer, and now he raises money for others battling cancer by spreading the stay positive message. To learn more or to get your Stay Positive band, visit

Top RMP Insights Moment | The Bloopers

We have one final chart-topping moment so great we had to add it to the list. You’ve seen the Stay Positive video, now take a peek behind the scenes at the year’s best bloopers. Many thanks to Eric Day and our Chief Sales Officer, Randy Tempest, for providing such golden comic relief.


The whole RMP family would like to thank you for another incredible year, we couldn’t do it without you. Be sure to stay tuned, we will be sharing some exciting news (and, of course, some great new content) in the new year and it’s starting to look like 2018 will be our best year yet!

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Written by Ali Bechtel, Digital Marketing Manager

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