Welcome to RMP Insights, we’re so happy you’re here!  We would like to share a little bit about us and what you will find here, (hint: it’s all about helping you to become a revenue cycle rock star) and then we want to hear all about you.

Who We Are

Receivables Management Partners (RMP) is an industry-leading financial services firm that enables leading healthcare providers to focus on patients instead of payments. We are thrilled to be known for our innovative culture and compassionate approach to collections, and it’s catching on. RMP has grown to over 520 people in nine offices across the U.S., and proudly serves over 200 hospitals and roughly 30,000 physicians nationwide. In an industry that has earned a less-than-stellar reputation, we strive to stand out as an example of what’s possible when you treat everyone with compassion and respect. We encourage you to look around our site and get to know our leadership and vision, what solutions we offer, and how we can help you shift the focus from receivables back to where it is needed most: your patients!

What is Insights?

Our goal for this blog is provide you with the most up-to-date trends and changes within the industry, as well as helpful tips and training resources to help you boost your healthcare organization’s revenue while saving time and cost. Get tips from our team of subject-matter experts and consistently fresh training and educational materials (we’re talking quick-reference guides, slide decks, eBooks, webinars, training videos and more!) Every other week we will be blogging about all aspects of health care that could be affecting your receivables, from ever-changing compliance regulations to emerging technology trends, to tips on how to improve throughout the entire revenue cycle while maintaining the critical relationships you have built with your patients. We provide the tools; you earn the title of Revenue Cycle Superstar! If we have you convinced, subscribe to RMP Insights and start improving your revenue cycle today, one email at a time.

But enough about us, we want to learn more about you. What challenges are you facing within your healthcare organizations? Which aspects of your revenue cycle could use a boost? What training resources could benefit your patient account representatives or front office staff? What about your billers or reimbursement department team members?

Each post will include a comments form, please do not hesitate to submit your questions or feedback on individual posts. You can also contact our Digital Marketing Manager, Ali Bechtel, with your specific questions. She will see to it that you get the answers you are looking for!


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